Ghanaians Not Used To My Style -Kwame Agbor


Kwame Agbor

He is popular in Benin with his ‘Samedi Soir’ song meaning Saturday Night but not many in Ghana know musician Kwame Agbor.

The 37-year-old man who has performed at several concerts in Ghana said it to register his presence in the country.

His maiden album ‘Samedi Soir’ which was recorded and released in 2005 is still enjoying airplay in Benin but not popular In Ghana because he claims Ghanaians are not used to his style yet.

Songs on the album which Kwame Agbor expects to enjoy airplay soon and liked by Ghanaians are ‘Education’, ‘Samedi Soir’, ‘Come To Me’, ‘Maman Benin’ and ‘Hossi’.

Among all these tracks, Kwame Agbor says, “I would always go for ‘Education’ as my all time favourite because it talks about the future of children when they have better education.”

On the same song ‘Education’, Kwame Agbor who does Reggae, Salsa and Hiplife says parents should always give their children the best of education to make them better people in the future.

His album title ‘Samedi Soir’ is a party song that tells anyone who wants to party to feel free and party.

According to Kwame Agbor, who has spent most of his life in Benin, Ghana is full of talented musicians but he feels he has also got something to offer.

I must admit that there are very good musicians in Ghana with my favourites being Samini and Kojo Antwi but I believe I have something Ghanaians will love.

No one really does Francophone music here and with the blend of Twi and Ewe I know Ghanaians will like my style” Kwame Agbor told NEWS-ONE.


According to the musician, his major problem had been to get a manager to push his music but now that he is under Madison Label he believes his music career will rise.

He explained that although he was a hairdresser, everything he dreams of is music.

“I have written so many songs down, the fact is I always make a story about anything I see and that is what has helped me to write down many songs.”

Kwame Agbor said he is grateful to each and everyone who has supported his music career adding that his dream is to get his album which is still doing well in Benin to be liked by Ghanaians.


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